A little midsummer-introduction by movies

Midsummer 2012: We travel by boat to the island Fjäderholmarna, passing the beautiful island Djurgarden.

I think here would surely be place for a little house of Frau E. ;-)

The following movie has not been taken by joining an outdoor group of AA.
It's the classical Swedish midsummer-song "Sma grodorna" (Small frogs).

To be able to dance it it's sufficient to eat a bunch of herrings with fresh potatoes and be in a good mood. 

And while all the inhabitant of Stockholm hurried to the country-side to jump around the majstang with their family, the streets of the capital look like after a nuclear incident.

Stockholm, Sweden, Midsummer, Sverige, Midsommar

Kommentare :

  1. Wie wäre es mit den roten Haus aus meinem Blog??
    Suche in Nordmonds Blog

  2. Wenn ich Nordmond und Blog google erhalte ich leider 3770 Ergebnisse. Hilfe!! ;-) Wo genau finde ich ihn denn?

  3. Meine Antwort ist im Nirwana verschwunden oder?
    "Nordmonds Blog" bei Blogger finden, dort das rote Häuschen zu sehen.
    Oder Facebook "Helmut G. Montag", da auch


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